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Top Material handling and Water Treatment Solutions Provider


We are South Africa’s top most leading solutions provider in material handling and water treatment. We offer a wide variety of services that span from the manufacturing of equipment that enable the execution of our solutions and services. We specialise in Asphalt plants and waste water treatment equipment.



Our work undergoes various quality assessments to ensure that we present the best quality and value for money to our clients. We offer an extensive range of services including:

Asphalt plant:

  • Bag house
  • Chip spreader
  • Drier drum

  • Fuel tanks
  • Heated bitumen tank
  • Bitumen tanks

Material handling

Our material handling plays an essential role in logistics and manufacturing. Our service includes moving materials within short or long distances. These materials can vary between raw materials used in construction projects, warehousing and distribution. We use specialised conveyors, industrial trucks and cranes to ensure that materials arrive at their destinations untampered with.

Water treatment

In our water treatment division, we use a series of process to ensure that water is ready for end-user consumption after it has been used for industrial applications. This can include purifying recycled water from industrial and construction sites, or even getting recycled water ready to be absorbed into residential water systems.

Sewage treatment

Our sewage treatment division ensures that impurities from waste water are removed and disposed of in the safest and most hygienic way. We use specialised equipment that was designed for this process. We use our systems to treat these impurities, before they can be safely disposed of.